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The Right Rehabilitation Center for YOU

The number of rehabilitation centers in the USA as of 2016 was 14,399 – and that number has grown rapidly since then. 2019 is on track to see record numbers of people seeking help.


Addiction of all forms is a growing issue in the community. This is not a problem limited to big cities or delinquent drug users. People in all sectors of society are finding themselves in need of some drug rehab treatment.

The first step in recovering from addition is acknowledging you need assistance. The second step is finding the right treatment center for YOU.

More on this later…….

Different types of Rehabilitation Centers.

Drug rehab does not necessarily mean checking into a hospital facility. “In-patient” treatment facilities are where you stay in the rehab center during treatment. “Outpatient” rehabilitation is where you go home between visits and attendance at the facility is as recommended by the experts monitoring the treatment program.

Also treatment centers can have specializes in different types of addiction and treatment. Your family Dr may be well meaning in wanting to treat you themselves. But they will not have the knowledge and experience of a dedicated specialist.

This applies also to the center you should be attending. You must use a clinic that has specialists in what your needs are.

Who needs a Methadone Clinic?rate of opioid related deaths increasing over the past decade

Methadone is a prescription drug regularly used for the treatment of Heroin addiction, as well as some other opioids and pain killer addictions.

Heroin is a hard drug that is often immediately addictive for those who try it. The strong addiction that is developed as well the extreme nature of withdraw from this drug make recovery very difficult and requires a specific attention lead by a medical expert.

But a more insidious form of opioid addiction has been spreading through the USA. Pain killers such as Oxycontin are also addictive if over used. While not as destructive as heroin, addiction to pain killers can still have significant negative effects on a person’s life.

The right methadone clinic for you is not necessarily the closest one you can find. The methadone Dr near you may not have the actual knowledge and experience in your situation. So they may prescribe the wrong treatment.

For example if you go to a methadone specialist only – they will prescribe you Methadone. However another treatment such as Suboxone may be better for you.

To learn more about how to find the right Methadone clinic near you check out our more detailed article.

What does a Suboxone Clinic specialize in?

boxes of suboxone medication

Suboxone is a prescription drug use to treat addiction to some forms of opioids and acute or chronic pain. Like Methadone, it is also an opioid so must be used with caution.

In 2013 more of this medication was sold than Viagra or Aderal.

Suboxone is actually a combination of two other drugs. The combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone serves two different functions to help with opioid addiction.

Buprenorphine is a very weak opioid drug. It’s role to provide a lower dose to the patient who is addicted to a stronger drug. This helps with weening somebody off their previous addiction while reducing withdraw side effects.

Naloxone blocks the body’s response to opioids. The action of blocking the body’s signals to an opioid can lead to withdrawal symptoms. If a patient is addicted to a strong narcotic then these symptoms can be sever and hence treatment must be monitored.

To learn more about the finding right Suboxone Dr near you – read our more detailed article.

Crystal Meth Treatment

Crystal Methamphetamine (or ICE) is a stimulant drug. It is stronger and more addictive than “speed”. As a result its effects are often more destructive on a user’s life.

Coming down off Crystal Meth can take days and the withdrawal symptom can be quite on comfortable. Detoxing need to be closely monitors and the strain of side effects can be managed with other medications.

A good rehab clinic for Methamphetamine addiction is able to recognize the symptoms that need treating and provide the right guidance.

Additional Services a Good Rehab Center will offer

Rehabilitation from drug addiction is not just about prescribing drugs and coping with physical side effects. Effective long lasting rehabilitation needs to also consider physiological issues and effects, as well as environmental.

If the service you have initially chosen does not offer these additional support systems then you should consider changing to one that does,

Treating Psychological Effects of Addiction.drug abuse counselling

Addiction can be both physical where the body develops a dependence on a something, and physiological where the desire from something is from a habit or emotional need.

Detox and the side effects of withdrawal from many addictive drugs can also result in bouts of depression or anxiety.

Lastly addiction often has a negative effect on a person’s life. The transition out of addiction and back into “normal life” can be very complicated.

Long term physiological health treatment needs to be considered in addition to immediate mental health for a successful permanent recovery.

Insurance and Costs of Rehabilitation Centers

A specialist rehabilitation clinic will have close connections with all local Government and Private Health Insurance providers. Working with insurance companies to cover the costs involved is an important for their clients. It takes additional stress off the patient and ensures comprehensive treatment is available as soon as possible and when required

Support groups and long term treatment.drug addiction support group

If your Rehab clinic waves good bye to you after they declare you “recovered” – don’t believe them. Addiction is for life and the risk of relapsing again in the future is a real problem that needs addressing.

Support groups are not just for recovering alcoholics or PTSB suffers. They are an effect way for those going through similar experiences to air their thoughts and get support from others who can relate.

A good rehab Dr knows this and should have knowledge of counselors or support groups you can attend to help with the long term difficulties recovering from addiction can entail.

Also the Dr should want to see you on an ongoing basis. This is not just to keep lining their pockets. It is to monitor for signs that more assistance is needed long after the initial recovery.

How to Find the Right Rehabilitation Center Near You

drug addiction recoveryNever overlook the advice of your family Dr. However as with any medical decision a second opinion is always a good idea. You do not want to make the wrong choice and ruin your changes of a successful recovery.

An excellent nationwide network of specialist rehabilitation clinics is just a phone call away.

Appointments for November are being booked out quickly so act quickly.

You will be directed to the best rehab facility near you that suits your needs.

You call will be answered by a real person 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help ensure you choose the right rehab provider for YOU

Don’t delay – take the first steps to recovery today with just a simple phone call.